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Half Day Snorkeling and Introductory Diving
to CHIBISI (Kerama Islands)

Half Day Snorkeling and Introductory Diving to CHIBISI (Kerama Islands)

Kerama National Marine Park is well known of amazing crystal blue sea surrounding by colorful coral and coral fish. This is where a must go destination for a half-day escape that you should never miss when you are in Okinawa. A special design for a half day marine activity for anyone, this destination comes with snorkeling and diving package. Departure from Naha City nearby Marine House SEASIR NAHA office. For detail and information please refer to below table.

AM Trip PM Trip Detail
08:00 13:00 Hotel Transfer
08:30 13:30 Registration and Equipment Preparation
09:00 14:00 Depart to Kerama
09:30 14:30 Snorkeling and Introductory Diving Activity
11:30 16:30 Depart back to Naha
12:00 17:00 Hotel Transfer Back
Package Price and Detail
Package Normal Season High Season
(7/1 - 9/30)
Package Includes
Snorkeling Adult ¥6,050 ¥6,600 Snorkeling equipment, drinking water, Insurance, Towel and Hotel Transfer(Naha City only),
(age 6-12)
¥4,950 ¥5,500
Introductory Diving
(Minimum age 10)
¥9,350 ¥9,900 Same as Snorkeling Package + 1 scuba dive (20 minutes)


Booking procedure
Click on BOOKING NOW, you will require to fill in your email address as your contact. Fill in all information as required and submit. You will receive a PayPal deposit request from SEASIR LTD. account, to secure your booking please make your deposit of JPY3,000 per person within 3 days start from the day you receive deposit request from our PayPal account, or within 24 hours if your booking request is less than less 3 days from the departure date. All booking request will cancel if no deposit receive.

Contact and Address

Marine House SEASIR Naha branch
2-3-13, Minato-machi Naha-shi Okinawa-ken 900-0001 JAPAN
  • Toll Free: 0120–10–2743 (Japanese line only)
  • TEL: +81(0)98–869–6329 (Japanese line)
  • TEL: +81(0)90–5927–5598 (Mandarin line)
  • TEL: +81(0)90–8668–6544 (English line)
  • Email:
Own Transportation
Please use this phone number 098 869 6329 key in the Car Navigation system or use this MAP CODE 33246627*42 to locate our shop. WE do provide free parking space for our guest.


Please check the following questions on your past or present medical history with a YES or NO answer. If you are not sure, answer YES. If any of these questions apply to you, we must request that you consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving program or any marine sports program that we offer.
  • *Could you be pregnant, or are you attempting to become pregnant?
  • *Are you presently taking any medications? (With the exception of Birth control or anti-malarial)
  • *Asthma, infantile asthma, or wheezing with breathing, or wheezing with exercise?
  • *Frequent or severe attacks of hay fever or allergy?
  • *Frequent colds, sinusitis or bronchitis?
  • *Any form of lung disease?
  • *Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)?
  • *Other chest disease or chest surgery?
  • *Behavioral health, mental or psychological problems?(Panic attack, fear of closed or open spaces)
  • *Epilepsy, seizures, convulsions or take medications to prevent them?
  • *Recurring complicated migraine headaches or take medications to prevent them?
  • *Blackouts or fainting (full/partial loss of consciousness)?
  • *Frequent or severe suffering from motion sickness?
  • *Dysentery or dehydration requiring medical intervention?
  • *Any dive accidents or decompression sickness?
  • *Head injury with loss of consciousness in the past five years?
  • *Recurrent back problems?
  • *Back or spinal surgery?
  • *Diabetes?
  • *Back, arm or leg problems following surgery, injury or fracture?
  • *High blood pressure or take medicine to control blood pressure?
  • *Heart disease or Heart attack?
  • *Angina, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?
  • *Sinus or any Body air space surgery?
  • *Bleeding or other blood disorders?
  • *Recreational drug use or treatment for, or alcoholism in the past five years?
  • *Hyperventilation syndrome?
  • *Do you use full dentures?


The Team

The Team
Marine House SEASIR NAHA is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, been operating since 1993. Total of 20 full time Instructors running the daily operation with three diving boats that special designed for 40 fully equipped divers in each boat and is the fastest dive boat in Okinawa, with toilet, fresh water and shower facilities. Marine House SEASIR NAHA provides English, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking instructor for foreigner guest.

The Team

Kerama islands a well known diving and snorkeling destination in Okinawa. In Kerama islands surrounding by more than 50 diving site with full of coral fish and unique seascape. Average sea condition in Kerama islands you able to see around 20 – 50 meters distance (visibility).
Double deck diving boat with toilet, hot shower facility for maximum capacity 40 divers.
The Team